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Serving the Greater Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Holly Hill Area

     Since 1956, Kittles Key Shop is your full service professional locksmith company.  We sell and service all types of locks and keys.  Automobile, Motorcycle, Commercial, Residential, Boat, Airplane, Safes and the list goes on.

     One of our specialties is Transponder "chip" keys for cars.  Do not believe that only the car dealers can make these keys.  We make many of them every day and usually at a price that is much less than the dealer.  We publish a new book on this subject every year.  The current book is over 500 pages on how to make these keys.  We sell this book to other locksmiths.

     LOCKSMITH SCAMMER ALERT.  There are companies posing as full locksmith service facilities and are not!!!  They publish online and in the phone book using multiple phone numbers and in many times with fake addresses.  The address have come back as empty lots, pizza places and even the city hall.  Most of these phone numbers are then routed to a distant call center where they are dispatched from.  You get a price and then, after the work is done, the bill ends up being an outrageous amount.  You are told that the quoted amount was just for the service call and the work was extra.  Always ask for the total cost.  If the job is a simple car opening or a house unlock, you should be able to get a total cost upfront.  Many times on a house opening the scammers tell you that they have to drill out the lock.  They then put in  cheap lock and charge several hundred dollars.  It is rare that a "real" locksmith has to drill out a lock.  Visit the "Links to Locksmith Scammer Videos" on the side of this page to TV reports of this situation.  Be alert for someone who arrives in an unmarked vehicle and most likely will have a foreign accent. 

     Whether you need a high security key/system or simply a copy of your house or car key, Kittles is the place to go.  Centrally located in Holly Hill (Between Daytona & Ormond) on Ridgewood Avenue.  For a map and directions CLICK HERE


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